Top 6 Art Photographers 2018

The visual market currently features plus 95 million videos and photos shared on social networks every day. This then makes it quite hard to be recognized and more so if you are new in the profession even when you are rich of content and knowledge pertaining photography. The ones as well who try getting known through advertising themselves on the internet face similar hassle. Some of the top five ranked art photographers in 2018 include:

1. Silvia Grav

She is well known photographer who makes use of the photographic manipulation so as to come up with dreamy images. Silvia is one creative girl who is so knowledgeable more so when it comes to bearing fruits for her concepts and ideas concerning photography. Silvia’s black and white images show feelings, impressions and are too powerful such that they display ideas of memory, loss, living and life.

2. Camila Falquez

The photographer’s style is of two distinct parts. One of her part majors in fashion photography whereby she sets up her clients to be well-dresses for the space. The other part is art world whereby she majors on eyeing world candid scenes then develops concepts and is ideas to visualize in art photography.

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3. David Uzochukwu

He is a self-taught and fine refined portrait and art photographer from Austria, Innsbruck. The images from his photography break identity convention with straight, simple shots or even manipulated photography. The photography is just too powerful in such a way that it forms part of Nike and Adobe Dior advertising campaigns.

4. Alecsandra Dragoi

The girl comes from Romania and she now has moved to London whereby most photographers of her caliber are easily found. The girls currently works as freelance photographer with her work recently published on the Guardian and National Geographic. She has received so many awards including the Sony Awards which are too prestigious. Through that, the images she takes have drawn larger audience and all images are too worth some good gander.

5. Tom Johnson

This is one man from England who sees as many different things while he gets to the locations from where he is to shoot from. The guy cleverly mixes fashion and documentary photography so as to get fresh looks for the two styles. The guy started humbly later after which he has managed to get to the city and open a studio of his own. He runs the studio when he is not shooting jewelry or even gatherings.

6. Nadine Ijewere

She comes from London where she started her journey into photography by studying medicine at first. Photography those days during her study formed part of her break from the tiring maths and science which was as well good decision. Currently, she shoots images for likes of Vogue and Stella McCartney. The images which she takes which are too diverse in the subjects whom they display are just too striking. She was sometimes referred as among the best African photographers who are emerging and doing a lot of great work. Her works are just too captivating and encouraging to even go through.

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